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Mechkov's new band gets underway

The Bite's first rehearsal took place at Powerhouse Studios on Monday, March 10th. Smash (drums), Mechkov (bass) and Jonny (guitar) played together for the first time and surprised even themselves at the progress they made.

A good hour and a half's worth of material was tucked away into the three-hour session and each of them was champing at the bit to get get together again... Soon.


Mechkov and Custard Cream part ways


Tony McMillan's leaving sends band into freefall

Mechkov has, as of today, March 5th 2014, left Custard Cream. The band will continue with currect members NIgel Owst and Tony McMillan, who will, in turn, seek a singer and a bassist to replace Mechkov.


Mechkov in the States (almost)


University radio station features three-hour special on Mechkov’s music
Friday 11th October saw… or rather heard Mechkov’s music (from No Breaks to the present, songs and soundscapes alike) broadcast in the US on The College of New Jersey’s university radio station.


Mechkov’s protest song bids for viral


Furze Platt Action Group number now up and running on Youtube

Mechkov’s work with the protest lobby, the Furze Platt Action Group, came to fruition today (Monday, 28th October) as the organisation uploaded the song’s video on to Youtube.


Dashwood Arms gig approaches


Live at the Lake cancelled, but a busy week remains for band

Custard Cream will be playing the Dashwood Arms this weekend (September 28th) on a day that was going to be a lot busier – until it turned out that the Live at the Lake festival had some serious organisational flaws.


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